Hog Roast Use and Cooking Instructions

Family Relaxing At Outdoors after a Hog Roast

A full Hog Roast generally requires a 1-hour per 10kg cooking period for major spit roasts. We also require a level area on which to set up our cooking equipment. We will discuss all requirements with you in full.

All the Hog Roasts are bought locally and can come as full or half, depending on the number of people at the venue. Included in the price of the Hog is the provision of all equipment, gas, delivery and collection.

Where necessary we will arrange with a butcher to mount and prepare the hog on the spit.

Please site the spit roaster on level ground and within reach of your electric power source. You may need to move the machine elsewhere to carve and serve the meat.

To start cooking simply attach the gas bottle and light the gas burners and then switch on the spit motor (having connected it to an appropriate power source).

We suggest that a 1 hour per 10kg preparation period is required for spit roasting. That means a 50 Kg hour serving around 100 people will take 5 hours.  We recommend that once cooking has started that the top of the machine is kept closed to retain the heat.  Please try to refrain from keep opening the top to inspect.

Once cooked the spit will need to be lifted up to the top location points.

After the meals please take the residue off the spit and give the machine a good cleaning. Please try to return the Hog Roast machine in the same clean condition that it was when delivered to you.

Thank you

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