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hog-roasters.com is a hog roast hire company, a subsidiary of JP Exhausts Ltd. who have been manufacturing high quality stainless steel products for over 40 years. For some long time now JP Exhausts Ltd. has invested in expensive specialised equipment and machinery.  We have highly qualified staff to produce the end products.

With all this experience and expertise, we have been able to manufacture our own, professional, hog spit-roasting machines.  They are very simple to use.  Indeed no previous catering experience is necessary.  Though where required we can provide the appropriate sized hog, scored, salted, for the best crackling and mounted onto the spit.  We can also arrange for a full catering service with cooking and carving experienced staff to serve and clear away.  Napkins and plates etc. can be offered.  See a suggested menu below.

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Hog-roasters spit roasting machines are made from top quality surgical stainless steel.  We have been renting them out and selling them to specialised customers for some time. While JP is national, hog-roaster.com is concentrating on delivering a good, efficient and friendly service to customers within an approximate radius of 20 miles from Macclesfield in Cheshire.

Typical Menu

Cheshire reared pig

Delicious apple sauce

Sage & onion stuffing

Fresh barm cakes or baps

A selection of salads

Dips & sauces

Disposable plates & napkins

If needed a professional chef to cook, carve and serve

Desserts can be provided

We recommend at least 40 people and we can cater for up to 200.

We would like to help you whatever the event or occasion and would like to hear from you soon.

Hog roast hire Macclesfield from Hog-roasters. Tel: 01625 30 29 28